About Us


Our e-commerce site www.jewelshaj.com is the online extension of our showroom located in Via del Moro, 32 (Rome).

We produce and import hard stones and accessories for the costume jewelry in silver 925, brass, steel and 316 stainless brass.

We have a wide choice of stones: onyx, carnelian, agate, rock crystal, Aventurine, jasper, obsidian, rose quartz, smoky quartz, quartz gray, tourmaline, aquamarine, jade, tiger’s eye, amazzonite, gabbro, labradorite, rutilated quartz and much more.

Our company also provides a wide selection of corals, pearls of river, nacres and synthetic crystals.

We deal with imitation jewelry like: closures, chains, monachelle, nails, connecting links, bases for rings, bases for pendants, coprinodi and all semi-finished products that we need to create jewelry and bijoux selfmade.

Our stones are very precious. We have real jewels made with real stones. From Peridot  to Malachite, passing by Rose Quarzt to Rhodolite and Ruby’s and Smerald’s Roots.

Choose what you want for you, we will give you the right jewel for every your moment!!

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